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News of July

Parent Education Class and Sanitary Napkin Donation

It has been a year since we began parent education classes for mothers who are migrant women. We hold this class every other week (on Saturdays). For the first thirty minutes of class, mothers learn how to make Korean cuisine, small decorations, and the like. After this, teachers lecture on how to be a caring parent. To inform you of some changes in the mothers, mothers who were suffering from helplessness and lethargy now try to care more about their children. With their education in how to converse with children and new skills in making things, mothers are opening up and showing some liveliness.

Also, since more 5th grader female students have been visiting our Saturday School, we came to think about supporting sanitary napkins for these female students. After hearing our concerns, board member Park Yoon-Ae (International Association for Volunteer Effort, Asia-Pacific Region Representative) contacted Yuhan-kimberly Ltd. They have agreed to donate 25boxes of sanitary napkins to our organization.

We request your generous support so that our multicultural children can grow up to be the future pillars of our society as well as of the international community. Thank you.

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